Giovanni Damico

  • NAME
  • Giovanni Damico
  • Salerno Italy

Some people grow up with a different way to see the every day life and feeling the music, and they decide to dedicate the entire life to do what they love most…create and play music!

Giovanni Damico is one of them, that grows up in a musician family and started to observe the music world from tender age. First just a passion, then a strong necessity that transported him completely out from the standard culture of his native places, In fact he was attracted from the electronic dance music.

The desire to create his own music and the love for the rhythm, brought this guy always more close to the dj & producer figure and so the first tracks and experiments have seen the light. After some years of sound maturation, in 2010 there was the first vinyl release on Movida Record, a great label from Frankfurt who loved at first sight Giovanni’s sound and committed for him a remix from Nekes (Oslo Records). That record had a great success in the underground scene and so the Giovanni Damico’s name became one to watch out!

In the years to come the “House” vocation who was a little bit camouflaged at the beginning of his career finally came out, launching Giovanni in the underground House scene with releases on some of the best labels of the genre like Landed Records, Fresh Meat, Morris Audio, Skylax, Seven Music and more..

In 2011 moreover Giovanni created his own label “White Rabbit Recordings”, a platform for releasing only quality electronic music without marketing goals.

that’s all, and just the beginning!


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