• NAME
  • Zumo
  • Cheltenham UK

Si O’Connor and Phil Kallitsakis are two friends who have been into the underground house and techno scene for more than 10 years, frequenting warehouse and basement parties from an early age.

They have released music under a number of different aliases since 2006 – but, in 2008, decided to combine their skills to create Zumo.

With a joint passion for travelling, partying and experiencing different cultures; this way of life has naturally influenced and defined the music they create.

Zumo is, quite simply, all about the vibe and the groove on the dance floor.

The duo have had huge DJ support ever since their first release on Hypercolour in 2009.

Zumo’s Warped Warehouse Remix of Frankie Flowers’ It’s Funk, It’s House on the Hypercolour imprint gained support from guys like Steve Lawler, Clive Henry, Afrilounge, Boris Werner, Guy Gerber and Chris Lattner.

In 2010, Zumo had their debut release on the Spanish Label Flumo Records with their Organic EP supported by such DJs and artists as Luciano, MatthewDear, Andrew Grant and Panorama Bar’s Margaret Dygas.

Zumo continued to release tracks on LANDED Records, Hypercolour and Flumo.


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