• Father
  • Moodymanc
  • (Vinyl - Nov 2011) (Digital - Dec 2011)
  • Cat No
  • LANDREC004
  • A1. Father - Moodymanc - Original Mix
  • B1. Father - Moodymanc - Rick Wade - Daddy's Disco Mix
  • B2. Sugar Hill - Moodymanc - Original Mix

We are honoured to welcome to the Landed imprint, man of the moment Moodymanc, who hits home with this fantastic new release, Father.

The supremely gifted Mancunian, who has the talent and know-how to truly build a groove, has made Deep and Jazzy House indisputably his home. Releasing hit after hit to a flurry of rave reviews, his status as a highly acclaimed jazz musician and DJ/producer continues to set him apart from the rest.

We are also delighted to welcome Detroit House legend, Rick Wade, who has been busy on remix duties for this sterling release.

One of the stalwarts of original Detroit House, Rick’s distinctive sound draws on a mix of soul, jazz, funk and disco. But, with a career spanning more than 20 plus years and a reputation as one of the premier House mixshow producers in the world, he really needs no further introduction to house music aficionados. His new album, Never Ending Reflections will be hitting the shops soon – so watch out for it too.

Lastly, staying true to our love of quality sound, Geoff Pesche from the legendary Abbey Road Studios is on the mastering once again.

A1: Father – Original Mix: This late-night, jazzy Deep House number positively exudes a magical vibe. No matter when you play it – warm up, peak time or after hours – this track always works. Moodymanc’s bright and tight percussion blends seamlessly with the deep keys and melodic balafon riffs. Perfect subtle drops and fat dub vocals complete the perfect picture. Classic!

B1: Rick Wade – Daddy’s Disco Mix: The Detroit legend uses his alchemy here, digging deep into his bag of dirty disco tricks to produce this stand-out, funky, uplifting remix. Combining angry disco drums with trademark funk-filled riffs and tuneful key changes, Wade gets you on your feet with this start-to-finish crowd-pleaser. Another guaranteed classic!

B2: Moodymanc – Sugar Hill – Original Mix: Moodymanc rounds off the EP in style with this smooth and solid, late-night offering. Heavy swung drums, peppered with lush keys, Gospel chants, Sugar Hill vocals and a raw sax solo, combine together to produce jazzy Deep House at its finest.

We hope you enjoy the EP.

All the best,

LANDED Records



Clive Henry (Peace Division / Circo Loco / NRK)
Really into the original..Killer!Dj Wild  (Catwash / Adult Only / Motivbank)
Father – Rick Wade Daddys Disco Mix!

Ray Okpara (Oslo)
Great release… will play all 4 shizzl!!!

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul)
Very nice stuff – Father remix is really cool!

Luna City Express
Father (Original) is our favourite. Cheers

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project)
Love both original mixes the most. Excellent tracks.

System of Survival (Circoloco)
Cool ep! Rick Wade mix is great!

Seth Troxler
Downloaded for Seth Troxler. Thank you.

Roberto Rodriguez (Compost / Freerange)
Groovy tunes. Really digging all of the tracks!

Waifs & Strays (Hot Natured)
Top quality as usual!

Gerd  (4Lux / Clone)
Father original and Wade rmx are nice!

Le Loup
Love it! Rick wade remix for me.

Jimpster (Freerange / The Bays)
Great EP all round from the Mancy one!

DJ T (Get Physical)
Downloaded. thank you for good music!

Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba / Issst)
Original of ‘Father’ here for me… You can always expect quality from Moodymanc!

Ekkohaus (2020 vision, Cargo edition, Liebe detail)
Sugar Hill and Wade’s remix are ace… Thanx… Ekko

Wild Kats (Hot Creations)
Rick Wades Daddy Disco mix for me…Great bit of Disco House.

Tucillo (Drumpoet Community)
Daddys disco..mmammamiaaaa…me gusta mucho..Sugar Hill groove motarfukaaa….me gusta…thanx bro…play tonight…secret weapon! Thanx…

Stefan Boati K-Soul (Kinda Soul/Sistrum)
Excellent release!

Charles Webster (Peacefrog)
A quality EP! Thanks!

Paul Cottam (Cottam)
Good stuff! My fav is the Rick Wade remix, groovy.

Sebastian Wilck (Watergate)
Father original is amazing!

Bushwacka (Layo & Bushwacka / Shake It)
Ricks mix is great!

Brothers Vibe
Killer release!! Support :o)

D’Julz (Pokerflat/Bass Culture)
Father is superb!

Mark Knight (Toolroom)

Lauhaus (Lanting Polder / Intacto)
Dope ep! will play for sure.

Phil Asher (Restless Soul / Restless Trax)
Father is the Joint for Me, The Original has a natural flow, the beat is tight! Support!

Trickski (Innervisions)
Nice original.

Soul Minority (Kolour Recordings / Raw Cutz)
Really nice EP. Love all tracks here!

Nikola Gala (Rekids / Plastic City)
Warm tracks. Father -> Both mixes for me! Thank you.

Tim  Red (Superfreq)
Lovely groove from Moodymanc and digging Rick’s interpretation – Cheers!

James Holroyd (Basics/Bugged Out)
Fuck yeah! Rick wade has killed it. Playing it tonite.

CATZ’N DOGZ (Dirtybird/Get Physical)
Father Orginal mix for me 🙂

Desyn Masiello (SOS)
Lethal release! Both mixes of father. Full support.

Javier Carballo (Overall Music)
Waow!!!! I love all tracks… Maybe Sugar Hill is my prefer.. Cool & sexy!!! Thanks!

Chris Duckenfield (Swag)
Original mix of Father is great, proper deep housin’ business. RW mix also nifty – Thanks!

Nick Lawson (Morris Audio / She Wolf)
Sugar Hill for me.

Ernie Minuendo
Nice work, my favorite. Rick Wade mix.

Boris (Agnes / Ray Valioso (Perspectiv / Sthlm Audio)
Sugar Hill Dj Tool is kwel…

Hector Murillo (Tsuba / Mobilee)
Cool EP support !!!

Ivan Ramos Coyu (Diynamic/Various)
Cool disco remix by Rick Wade. The Sugar Hill DJ Tool should work well on my sets.

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)
Love it, thanks!!

Tiger Stripes (Get Physical / Liebe*Detail)
Solid EP. Nice with a funky Rick Wade remix also. Good stuff.

Tom  Szirtes (Shur-I-Kan)
Love this release – The original of Father is deepness!!

Sam Russo (Leftroom)
Sugar Hill is cool 🙂

Meat (Get Physical / Freebase)
Great EP. Will play all tracks!

André Quasar (Channel X)
Sugar Hill is the one!!

Jozif Goodwin (Fist or Finger)
Buzzin!!! this is massive!!! Original for me.. Thanx Jozif

Peter Kersten Lawrence (Dial)
Father and the Dj Tool!!! Amazing EP!

Sean Brosnan Needwant / MOS
Love the sound of this. 90’s house vibes. Support.

Danny Tenaglia

Ray Mang
Enjoying the Father side!! Many thanks.

Excited to listen to it.

Vernon Bara (Homecoming / VisionQuest)
Another interesting tracks by Moodymanc.
Will try Rick Wade’s remix and Sugar Hill.

Geoff Wichmann (Readymade / LANDED Records)
Nice ep!

Taster Peter (Trapez / Tronic)

Nils Lausund (Nils Noa / Lot49)
Suger Hill for me 🙂

Joseph G. Bendavid (Hardrock Striker) (Skylax)
Deep as hell! Moodymanc is very talented. Full support. Will play.

Mirco Violi (Robsoul / Safari Numerique)
great 3 tracks!

Simonlebon (Burnin Tears / Luv Shack Records)
Warm and deep as known from Moodymanc! My favourite is Father and I’m looking forward to play it on the weekend 🙂 Cheers Simon.

Joe Babylon (Roundabout Sounds)
The original version of Father is the one for me! Very nice, warm moods that I like to play. Great job and thanks for sending!!

Tazz  (Underground Quality / Tsuba)

Halo Varga
Im a huge fan of Moodymanc and his mix is on fire full support.

Franck Valat (Sound Selective)
I love the colours of that release, superb ! Thank you!

Jordan Peak (One / Tsuba)
Rick Wade mix is killer.

James Sheerin (City Fly)
A lovely EP. The one for me would be Sugar Hill, has a nice swing to it…warm up stuff! Will use the DJ tool too, to Jazz up some of those more deep techno style tracks….

Leo Elstob (Various)
Oh My – This Rick Wade remix is a bomb… Absolutely killer. LEO ZERO

Jesse Suspekt (Open Records)
Really into this one! Will be giving a run by the pool at LILO Wet Bar this weekend 🙂 Tasty deep delight. Support.

DJ Schwa (Shades of Gray)
Will play and chart.

Stel (Dieb Audio)
Quality stuff!10/10!

Tone Depth (Bad Pony)
Ah yes “Father” is a breath of fresh air! After listening to so many cookie cutter Ableton live tracks that are so prevalent these days, its a nice change to hear a smooth, solid musical track with a warm and open mix down that is not over compressed and squashed to shit! Just felt like I opened up a nice cold beer on really hot day LOL thx for sending.







Groove Armada (Tom Findlay)
Good tunes! Like the orig and rmx of father. 9/10Mike W (Kolour Recordings)
Real special release here guys. We <3 Moodymanc and Rick over here at Kolour Recordings and this might be some of their most spot on work to date! Full support here.

Lewie Day (Tornado Wallace)
LOVE the Rick Wade remix. Will work very well over the Australian summer.


James Johnston (No Matter)
What superb stuff as always from Moodymanc!! both original tracks are dope with Sugar Hill being my fav….and Rick does a great job on the remix…excellent package and FULL SUPPORT!!!

Carl Cox

Willie Graff (Liebe*Detail / Drumpoet / Cielo)
Nice funky remix from Rick Wade! Love his sound. Cool EP all round. Thank you, W

Huxley (Tsuba)
All tracks are great. Thanks.

Ethyl (Cecille/Tsuba)
Solid solid stuff as per from Moodymanc. Really nice Rick Wade ‘court fine’ remix too.

Enzo Siragusa (Fuse / Circo Loco)
Cool EP, digging both mixes of Father.

Okain (Tsuba/ B-Pitch/Je’Taime)
Impresssive ep!

Nic Fanciulli  
Downloading now.

Terence :Terry: (Freak N Chic / La Vie EN Rose)
Another nice release from LANDED Records. Really into Father original. Anyway the entire EP is solid! Nice work guys.

Gorge (Reclick – 8-Bit)
Nice Disco mix by Rick Wade.

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
Download for R Hawtin.


DJ Mag (News Editor)
‘Sugar Hill’ is definitely the one! ‘Father’ is wicked too though. Definitely pencilling him in for possible coverage. CLICK TO VIEW

Pete Tong Essential Selection (Radio 1)
Nice EP!

Tsugi (Reviewer)
Massive Ep, full support 10/10 Coverage: Review Confirmed Issue/Link: Nov 2011. CLICK TO VIEW

Raveline (Editor)
Original is cool, thanks! Coverage: Feedback.

Sweatlodge Radio (Editor)
Support on Sweat Lodge Radio – Thx
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Ibiza Sonica (The Fix) (Presenter):
All tracks are superb!

Russell Deeks (IDJ Magazine)
Can always rely on Moodymanc for quality stuff but it’s Rick Wade’s remix of this one that’s doing it best for me. Will support
Coverage: Review Confirmed. CLICK TO VIEW

Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2 / Skint)
A great EP from Moodymanc. Love the Father (original) and Sugar Hill. Most excellent.

Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2)
Absolutely brilliant!!! All mixes!

Rtin Radio Teramo (Magma)
Support Sugar Hill on magma.fm. CLICK TO VIEW

House Nation Radio
Very good oldschool tracks, I love all. CLICK TO VIEW

Urgent.fm – Belgium

Karlos (Ibiza Sonica)
Father Original for me. Thanks for the music. Support for sure.

Feodor AllRight and Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia)
Played in our show. CLICK TO VIEW

Urgent.fm – Belgium
Coverage: Radio Plays Confirmed. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Futureboogie (Samurai FM)
Hell yeah – Rick Wade mix is IN!

Juice 107.6 FM (Liverpool)
Father is great, cool little late night groover.

Guy Hornsby (www.4clubbers.net)
My oh my. MASSIVE. On the list.
Coverage: Review Confirmed CLICK TO VIEW

Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2 / MOS Radio)
Fooking ace. Father in last week’s show. Love it.

Unk 103FM Madrid (Presenter)
Radio Support! CLICK TO VIEW

Charged (Urgent FM) (Presenter)
Coverage: Radio Plays Confirmed.

BudapestDeepCafe (Radio Avas FM)
Great deep ep, smooth night vibes, full supp! “Father” is my favorite, will play for sure!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed. LISTEN TO THE SHOW

Kev Obrien (365 Mag / DataTransmission)
MORE like this please! Loving this entire release! Deep and wholesome GOODNESS. Daddy likes!

Egor Boss (Kiss FM UA)
Very nice!

Radio Partygroove (Lost In The Sound)
‘Father’ for me! support.
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Afterhours Radio Show 99.1
‘Father’ (Original) Will play it! – CLICK TO VIEW

Global Communication (Antena 3)
This is a nice release. Enjoyed both original tracks. Thank you very much 🙂 Radio Support. CLICK TO VIEW

Melodica Podcast & Radio
Love, love the Moodymanc sound! Father is super deeep and lovely. Proper house music. Support.

Pulseradio.net (Editor)
Love it, deep groovy niceness – no brainer! x

Deep Soul Maison (Juice 107.2 FM) (Presenter)
All tracks are good. Will support.
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Re Dupre (Miami Underground)
Great ep!!! Rick rmx for me, with this old school beats!10x

Radio Nocturne (SHMU FM) Abderdeen (Presenter)
Father is sounding sweeet! Real summer vibe going on, lovely production from moodymanc. Full support.
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

East Village Radio (Shorditch Radio) (Presenter)
Ace EP! I’ll play one of the versions of father on radio show tomorrow.Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Marco Pellegrini (differentgrooves.com)
Nice stuff! Support.

Louis Osbourne (Proton Radio)
Sugar Hill is really nice 🙂 Support

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt)

Hey Musik (RHODOS NRG) (Presenter)
Love father! sweet tracks, willplay!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

BudapestDeepCafe (Radio Avas FM) (Presenter)
Great deep EP, smooth night vibes, full supp! “Father” is my favorite, will play for sure! Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Radio Partygroove (Lost In The Sound) (Presenter)
Father for me! support. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Marc Cotterell (Presenter): USA
Great release. Love that old style house workout.

Hey Musik (Fresh Fm) (Presenter):
Love father! sweet tracks, will play!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Fraktal 103.8 FM
Very funky and deep sound. Love of course the Wade style treatment. Will play and support!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Login (Acik Radio, 94.9FM Istanbul) (Presenter)
Very funky and deep sound. Love of course the Wade style treatment. Will play and support!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Colair (Play FM (Presenter)
I like the warm sound of father. A really hot release. The DJ Tool is good stuff 🙂 Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Melodica Podcast (& Radio) (Presenter)
Love, love the Moodymanc sound, Father is super deeep and lovely. Proper house music.Coverage: Feedback.

Soundwall.it (Editor)
Coverage: Review Confirmed.

Pulseradio.net (Editor)
Love it, deep groovy niceness- no brainer! x
Coverage: Feedback.

Danny (Red Rack’Em)
I like the Rick Wade mix best. Will support on my show and at gigs.

Ludovic Rambaud (ONLY FOR DJS)
Father is magic !! 🙂 Reviewed in ONLY FOR DJ’S.

Vince (Paris to St Tropez Radio show)
Yeah big big big release!

Steve Parry (The Red Zone – Juice 107.6 FM)
Nice tracks, both mixes of Father are my faves.

Mitch (Beatsandbeyond)
Superb release, loving the vibes. Sugar Hill is brilliant.