• Ignition
  • Dwayne Jensen
  • Vinyl - Sept 2012
  • Cat No
  • A1. Ignition - Dwayne Jensen - Original Mix
  • B1. Deep Dive Dub - Dwayne Jensen - Original Mix
  • B2. My People - Dwayne Jensen - Disco Nights Mix

We are delighted and honoured to welcome the mighty Dwayne Jensen to the Landed Records imprint.

Known as ‘The Born Entertainer’, Dwayne Jensen is one of the key artists who helped to shape the Detroit House sound and the new evolution of music we now call Techno.

A self-taught DJ, musician, producer and writer, the Detroit-born native started off as a Jazz drummer & percussionist before gaining respect worldwide as one of the true Detroit superstars.

We are also delighted that Geoff Pesche from Abbey Road Studios is back on the mastering and has worked his alchemy on the release.

A1: Ignition – Original Mix: Dwayne starts this timeless EP with a powerful and switched-on Deep Detroit number, rich with filtered pads and trademark drum sounds straight out of the 909. A solid piece of modern House, this relentless, driving classic takes no prisoners

B1: Deep Dive Dub – Original Mix: Dwayne really shows us what underground House music is all about with this moody, stirring number. Jazzy keys and funky bassline conspire with raw and tight percussion to produce a track which is off the fathom charts. A personal favourite of Mr Jensen’s, this is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser guaranteed to warm up any dance floor.

B2: My People – Disco Nights Mix: Finishing the EP off with a bang, we are over-the-moon to be re-releasing the all-time classic, ‘My People’. Originally released five years ago on a 12″ compilation album, which only ever made a small run, it’s high time this track was given a full release.Fun, infectious and uplifting, if this isn’t the track to get a party started, I don’t know what is.

This solid EP mixes a delicious slice of past and present, and is a rare record not to be missed. Play it loud!



Kerri Chandler
Interesting release! Support!

Norm Talley
Deepness from tha D!!!

Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir
My People rocks!

DJ Sneak
Nice EP! Players for sure.

Gerd  4Lux / Clone
Wow party vibes on My People. I like Ignition a lot too! Gr8 release. Will play!

Anton Zap (Ethereal Sound)
Strong material. Thanks for sharing. Support.

Jimpster (Freerange)
Deep Dive Dub is a spanker! fat production and severe groove! like it.

Baaz (STHLM / Uzuri / Quintessentials)
pfff.. Bomb!

Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba / Issst!)
Ace release this one!

Anthony Collins (Freak n Chic / Various)
Ignition is sick!

Ethyl (Secret Sundaze/Tsuba)
Things done proper!

Huxley (Saints & Sonnets / Tsuba / 2020 Vision)
My People is ace. Reminds me of proper Disco House from the 90s. Support.


Can`t wait to try out the rawness of “My People” this weekend. Wicked record. I love My People and Deep Dive Dub. Full Support!

Iron Curtis (Mule Musiq / Morris Audio)
Hey guys, thanks for sending this superb House EP. Ignition is great, but as many other guys who receive the promo I’m really thanks for getting ‘My People’ within this package as well 🙂 Cheers Johannes.

D’Julz (Pokerflat)
Big fan of Dwayne’s music. Ignition is lovely. Support.

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project)
Absolutely loving this EP. All cuts happening…..dopeness.

Flori (Secretsundaze)
Deep Dive Dub is just lovely.

Phil Asher (Restless Soul / Restless Trax)
Deep Dive Dub – Simple & Deep – I Like iT!

Tristan Da Cunha (20:20 / Back To Basics)
Feelin the deepness here and also the disco cut ‘My People’. Will support in the record shop for sure.

Nick Woolfson (Mock N Toof)
Fantastic release…..quality.

Ernie (Minuendo)
B2 is amazing. Great EP!

Kasper (Esperanza)
Very very nice! Love this one as the first release. Bombs!!

Spencer Parker  
My People is DOPE !! thx !! : )

Harri (Sub Club)
Ignition is the one for me.

Charles Webster (Peacefrog)
Ignition and Deep Dive are great classic DJ traxx…. Love them! Will play and chart 4 sure. Thnx.

Kai Alcé (Real Soon)
Glad to hear some heat from Mr Jensen. Ignition is the one here!

Nick Höppner (My My / Playhouse / Just Recordings)
My People is my jam!

Joel Alter (Bass Culture / Kontra)
Driving and funky, there´s a little bit of everything I need in here! Thanks!!! All tracks are top!

James What (Crosstown Rebels / Murmur / Dessous)
Deep Dive Dub is a my pick here. Thx.

DJ Deep
Nice tracks! Full Support.

Ben Sims
My People is a classic disco carve up! Awesome reworking of tenderness.

Dave (2562)
My People is still an absolute killer. Thanks.

Matthew Krysko (Warehouse Project)
My People all the way!… reminds of DLC at backIIbasics in the mid 90’s, pure house. Brilliant.

Dusky (Dogmatik / Anjunadeep)
Ignition is our fav 🙂

Miles Sagnia (Atmospheric Existence / Aesthetic Audio)
Loving ‘Ignition’ here. Lovely stuff…!

Deep Dive Dub is amazing. I like all these tracks.

Tazz (Underground Quality / Tsuba)
My People!

Satore (Hizou / Minuendo)
Full support!

Ben (Boe Boe Recordings)
Ignition is cool. Support.

Jordan  Peak (One / Tsuba)
Great EP!! Can’t wait to play “My People” out! Full support.

Franklin De Costa  
Awesome. thx for new Dwayne Jensen material. Deep Dive Dub is my fav. will play.

LoShea (Seaghdha / Downlo)
Really nice EP here.I can feel the musicality flowing through it. Well paced and balanced…its a solid release. Ignition = Smooth and deep. Deep Dive Dub = Chunky with a push / pull beat…it breathes. My people is a classic little edit. All in all, full support from LoShea! Much love!

James Fox
Very nice EP, ‘My People’ is a bomb – will play lots, thanks!

Alex Downey
What is there to say, the beats speak for themselves. Something for everyone on this EP, My people is one for Dez May I reckon. Uncompromising soulfull dancefloor sounds.

Jacques Renault
Fun EP! Support.

Alex Coulton (Idle Hands / Horizontal Ground)
Nice vibes on this one, Cheers.




Raresh (Cocoon / Ar:pi:ar)
Fine tracks inside here. Many thanks! Support.

Jef K (Crack & Speed)
Yeah this is grooovy as hell !! Love it ! Cheers.

Hardrock Striker (Skylax)
Great EP, Will play!

Ricardo Miranda (Rush Hour)
Ignition & Deep Dive goes down real smooth. Support!

A Sagittariun (Elastic Dreams)
Quality stuff here, thanks!

Mike W (Kolour Recordings)
Wicked EP right here guys. Lots of flavors. Deep, deeper, and balls out party time! “My People” for the end of summer pool parties and “Ignition” for the party-starter. Altogether great vibes here! Cheers Mike Kolour.

Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton, Spectral Sound)
Ignition and Deep Dive Dub for me! Supporting.

John Osborn (TANSTAAFL)
High class House music.

Sascha Dive

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)
Great EP! Loving the sound of Ignition. Thanks!

Tony Rodriguez – Brothers’ Vibe
Sweet man!! Supporting this!

Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2 / Skint)
Deep Dive Dub and My People are the standouts. Rough!

Ugly Drums (Quintessentials)
Raw and dirty House music, nice!

Brett / Justin (Droog / Culprit (LA)
The B2 for me. Super cool sampling work.

Owain K (Poker Flat / Dessous)
PHAT. My People & Deep Dive Dub are rocking it. One to add to my vinyl shopping list. Cheers.

Landed are on a roll…. Love this EP! More please. Full Support!

Tuccillo (Circus Company / Drumpoet)
Nice…Thanx 4 the promo..! 🙂

Laura Jones (Leftroom / Vision Quest)
Nice. Deep Dive Dub the fave but liking all 3. Thx 🙂


DJ Mag UK (Editor)
BOMB! In the killers section of the (October 2012 issue).

Tsugi (Reviewer):
Another good release from Landed!

DJ Mag Germany (Editor)
Killers section. (November 2012 issue).

Hot Plastic – www.hotplastic.net
AMAZING RELEASE! We will feature and shout about this one!

DJ Mag Spain (Editor)
Fantastic release. Review Confirmed. (September 2012 issue).

Soundeffectmagazine.com (Reviewer):
My people sounds amazing!
Coverage: Review Confirmed

Ibiza Voice.com (Reviewer):
Great stuff, Ignition is a deep one! Jeez..
Coverage: ‘In The Groove’ Label Piece Confirmed

4clubbers.net (Features Editor):
Groovy, jazzy, deep. Love it. Review action on 4clubbers at least.
Coverage: Review Confirmed

Nerdy Frames (Editor)
Coverage: News Piece Confirmed

Soundplate (Editor)
Coverage: News Piece Online
Issue/Link: http://soundplate.com/2012/08/dwayne-jensen-ignition-ep/

Frequencies.it (Editor):
Deep good vibes!
Coverage: Feedback

MagazineSixty (Editor):
Like the Deep Dive Dub
Coverage: Feedback

FaithFanzine.com (Editor):
I’ve died and gone to heaven! 3 quality tracks with strength and feeling. Coverage: Feedback.


Radio 1 (Pete Tong)
Solid EP! Full Support.

Pulseradio.net (Reviewer):
Will review this by the end of the week. Full Support!
Coverage: Review Confirmed

Millionhands (Juice FM) (Editor):
Ignition is top bizniss. My people will def get a play on ELT. Thanks for these.

Radio WDR 1 Live (Presenter):
Playing My People will be real fun. Like the funky vibe and the deep.

House Nation Radio (Presenter):
Nice House Release with a great first track. Will play Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Deep & Deeper (Tunnel FM) (Presenter):
Lovely EP… Like ‘Ignition’ a lot!

Budapest DeepCafe (Radio Avas FM) (Presenter):
Wow, My People sounds very dope! Amazing one! Will play for sure! Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Audiotonic (Radio 1) UAE (Presenter):
Deep Dive and My People are cool indeed. Love them to be honest! Full support:)

Futureboogie (Samurai FM) (Presenter):
My People is a surefire winner – Love that!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Compost Black label Sessions (Worldwide) (Presenter):
Loving the Deep Dive Dub and My people… nice diverse collection. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Germany Calling (DE, BR, FR, SP) (Presenter):
My People was am unexpected surprise. Great stuff 😉
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Deep Rhythms (Presenter):
Ahhhh yes… Nice EP of definitive grooves! Will play for sure… Thanks guys… Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

House Nation Radio (Presenter):
Nice House Release with a great first track. Will play
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Art of Beatz (Co-Op 102.7FM) (Presenter):
And it goes oonst. But it does it in such a way that almost out Kyle Hall’s Kyle Hall. And that’s a good thing.
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed