• Travlin
  • Norm Talley
  • Vinyl - May 30th 2012
  • Cat No
  • A1 - ION - Norm Talley - Original Mix
  • B1. Travlin - Norm Talley - Original Mix
  • B2. Analog Dreams - Norm Talley - Original Mix

We are truly honoured to welcome to the Landed imprint one of the originators and true players of the Detroit House music scene,
Norm Talley.

Known as the ‘Silent Warrior Of The Deep’, Norm Talley is undoubtedly one of Detroit’s best-loved artists.

One of the original members of the West 6 Mile Detroit crew, which was born out of the last days of Disco, Norm’s 25-plus year career has built steadily to earn him his well-deserved ranking as one of the world’s most respected DJs.

An artist who concentrates on releasing quality not quantity, Norm’s roots remain firmly embedded in Soul, Funk and Disco – hence the raw, deep and soulful House music he produces.

This release, as with all his releases, is written and produced through Norm’s fully analogue set-up. NO computers, NO digital limiters, No gimmicks. Just pure, warm, deep Detroit goodness. And, as the perfect compliment, the EP has been mastered by Geoff Pesche of London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios using the EMI TG analogue system. The result is indeed a rarity these days – a quality EP fully produced and mastered through an analogue process.

A1: ION – Original Mix: Norm kick-starts the EP with a really Deep and jazzy Detroit number. This is a track guaranteed to instantly engage with the crowd and warm up a party beautifully. Raw tight drums, deep jazzy keys and subtle drops throughout keep this track fluid and rolling. What more can I say, this is Deep, late-night House music at its finest.

B1: Travlin – Original Mix: Picking up the pace from A1, Norm shows us just why he earned his moniker, ‘Silent Warrior Of The Deep’. Mixing his trademark 909 drum vibe with deep, stirring pads, you know you’re in for a treat straight from the off. The track then builds elegantly with a captivating reversed sax refrain that takes you on a magical journey through the deep groove. A true Norm Talley classic!

B2: Analog Dreams – Original Mix: First made over ten years ago, Analog Dreams has been a hidden gem for a long time now. So we were over the moon when Norm finally agreed to release this Detroit House classic with us on 12″ so we could unleash it to the masses. Proper fun-filled House music from back in the day!

This stand-out EP mixes a delicious slice of past and present, and is a rare record not to be missed. Play it loud!



Delano Smith (Mixmode / Sushitech)
When I first heard ‘Travlin’ I was like…”This is the new Norm”. One of my favorite EPs from him. Support

Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir
This project is nice and smooth.

Stacey Pullen (Transmat / Detroit)
Deep Detroit! Support!

Raresh (Arpiar)
ION & Analog Dreams for me. Thanks.

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul)
Ion – Very cool track!

Sebo K
Killer! I love it!

Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba / Issst)
Big one! Been playing loads of Norm’s stuff and this will be on heavy rotation for me. Skills to Landed!

Anthony Collins (Freak n’Chic / Various)
Killer EP! Norm, is the man!

Yeah that’s kwel! Thanks.

John  Osborn (TANSTAAFL)
This is real heavy House right there! Awesome stuff!

Baaz (STHLM / Uzuri / Quintessentials)
Ha! What a present! Really thanks for that one… Amazing music. Looking forward to play! Best.

James Johnston (No Matter What)
Superb soulful deepness from start to finish….killer EP!!

Hardrock Striker (Skylax)
Great EP! Full support!

Nicholas (Quintessentials / Foul & Sunk)
Killer tracks, especially Travlin!

Christopher Rau (Smallville)
Analog dreams is it!!!! Hot shit!!!

The Revenge
Love it! Thanks. Charted on RA – CLICK TO VIEW

Ethyl (Secret Sundaze/Tsuba)
Nothing like a Norm Talley Three tracker to make you feel inadequate. Real and pure! Charted on RA – CLICK TO VIEW

Sascha Dive
Like Analog Dreams!Support.

Ugly Drums (Quintessentials)
Its Norm, what more can you ask for, I like all of the tracks with a slight advance for Ion.

DJ Deep
Dope release! Thanks!

Nick Woolfson (Mock N Toof)
Really good. Right up my street, particularly Ion & Travlin.

Tazz  (Underground Quality / Tsuba)
More of this please! Yes, I’m a Detroit whore! 😛

Red Rack’Em
Digging Ion.. Support.

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project)
Real nice deep swag. All tracks work for me. Love Norm Talleys productions and this doesn’t disappoint. Support.

Matthew Krysko (Warehouse Project)
House perfection… Analog Dreams will be in my box for years to come. A real heavy raw growler, tons of soul but a darkness to it. Simply brilliant.

Paul Cottam (Cottam)
Love Travlin. Proper deep vibes!!!

Chicago Damn (Wolf Music / Quintessentials)
Like Travlin. Support.

Hector Murillo (Tsuba / Mobilee)
Full support !!!!!

ION has got that sound!

Neville Watson (Clone / Midnight Steppers)
Of all the tracks I’ve listened to today, this release stands head and shoulders above all the others. From the drums to the judicious use of space and sounds. Top quality.

Julien Sandre (Morris Audio)
Really “glamour” house here! Like all tracks,special Analog Dreams I’ll try it for sure.

Horse Meat Disco
Analog dreams is GREAT!

Rob Mello (No Ears / Crosstown Rebels)
Very nice!

Dicken Lean (Confetti Bomb / OCH)
This is really special – I just can’t get enough of ION & Travlin and the more I listen to Analog Dreams the more it starts to make sense. First rate house music. Cheers!

Nickolas Chacona (Moodmusic / 20:20 / Internasjonal)
Wow this is deep! Daniel Ooi Weekend Express Nice release from Norm. Travlin is the one that stands out for me!

Evil Eddie Richards
Great EP! Thanks.

Donnacha Costello (Look Long / Minimise / Pokerflat)
Will play Travlin out. Good mood builder/sustainer. Thanks!

Stojche (Argumento / Dogmatik)
FANTASTIC !!! Essential stuff, definitely I should keep an eye on this label.. Full support!

Franklin De Costa
Solid EP. Will play ION.

Raimo (Phonica Records / Phonica Podcasts)
Great package from a Detroit favourite. Landed is really making some moves recently! Charted on RA – CLICK TO VIEW

Stefan Boati (K-Soul / Kinda Soul / Sistrum)
I really like Norm Talley. His release are always welcome! Top!

Gianluca Pandullo (I-Robots)
Top release! Travlin is DOPE for me. Thanks. I-Robots Approved!

Max  (m50 / Area (Wave Music/Ethereal Sound )
Straight beatin stuff here – A solid one from Mr Norm Talley. Respect.

Monty Luke (Black Catalogue)
Thx for this download…..

Jack Dunning Untold (Hemlock / Hotflush)
ION and Travlin are wonderful. Full support from me

Harry (Midland)
Wicked as expected. Tough call between Analog Dreams and ION. The whole package is very strong.

Cosmin (Hessle / Immerse)
Analog Dreams, what a gem. Support.

Chris Duckenfield (Swag)
A lesson in dynamic groove building! The fact that the Mystic EP is still blowing minds and tweeters 12 years later says it all really – The real deal.

Gilbert Cohen (DJ Gilb’R / Chateau Flight (Versatile)
Great EP! Thanks.

Alex Coulton (Idle Hands / Horizontal Ground)
Laid back Detroit vibes, feeling this one.

Harri (Sub Club)
Im liking all of these!












Jimpster (Freerange)
Great EP! Especially into the Travlin track. Analogue Dreams is doin’ it too. nice one. Charted on Ibiza Voice – CLICK TO VIEW

Craig  Richards (Fabric)
Analog Dreams is excellent!

Jonas Kopp (Ostgut Ton / Spectral Sound)
What a beautiful EP, full support on this, big fan of, Norm!

Roman Fluegel (Dial, Cocoon, Robert Johnson)
ION is my favorite.

Huxley (Ethyl & Huxley)
This EP is awesome! Will smash this out! Thanks.

What can I say? The REAL DEAL…!!! Ace!

Dean Muhsin (Bearweasel)
Outstanding Stuff. Charted on RA – CLICK TO VIEW

Yossi Amoyal (Sushitech)
Quality release Norm! Charted on RA – CLICK TO VIEW

Joe Babylon (Roundabout Sounds)
Norm is the MAN with his signature deep vibes and one of my all time favorite artists. Can’t wait to rock all 3 tracks! Thanks for sending!!

Milton Jackson
“True master of House music” Not got much to add to that.

Iron Curtis (Mule Musiq / Morris Audio)
Hey guys, this is superbe!!!! ION is my fav. Norm Talley can never do wrong. So in love with this release. Cheers Johannes.

Francis Inferno Orchestra
Thanks for this. Whole Ep is mighty fine. Analog Dreams really does it the most for me though. Love the raw vibes!

Kate  Simko (Spectral Sound)
Nothing beats some good Detroit House – Thanks for sending 🙂

D’Julz (Pokerflat)
yes yes yes

Terence :Terry: (Freak n’Chic)
PFFF! Just like gold. Amazing release, Bravo!! Whole EP is Dopeeee!

Terry  Farley (Junior Boys Own / Faith)
Love Analog Dreams! Thanks.

Andy Hart (Melbourne Deepcast)
Classic Norm Talley. Analog Dreams is my favourite of the three, although ION is dope too.

ION is great!! Support!

Molly  (Rex Club)
This release is a bomb!!! I love all tracks.. Thank you.

Nyra  (Freunde Der Famile / Fear of Flying / Never Learnt)
House music at its best 🙂 !!!!!!

Andy Ash (Boogie Originals)
ION is really nice! Think Analogue Dreams is also great, will definitely be playing this release.

Laura Jones (Leftroom / Vision Quest)
Very nice. Full suport! Thx 🙂

James Sheerin (City Fly)
WOW! Love Norm Talley! And this is a coup for such a fresh young label. Soul oozes from the keys in ION and has that Detroit drive with the drums and percussion! Lovely progressive builder in Travlin, will get an early doors play from me! And what a way to end the EP with Analog Dreams, it typifies Norm Talley’s sound to a tee, spacey vibes play anytime in the night, amazing breakdown as well! BIG FAN and cant wait for this to land on vinyl…:)

A Sagittariun 
Analog Dreams is my pick of the bunch here, thanks

Nick Lawson (Morris Audio / She Wolf)
Solid package!

Matthew Styles (Crosstown Rebels)
Great stuff from Norm as always!

Ben Sims
Great EP! Classy business. Thx!


Tsugi (Reviewer)
Really good package! Full support & review to follow in print. CLICK TO VIEW

Raveline (Reviewer)
Coverage: Review in print confirmed.

Jordan Rothlein (Resident Advisor) (Reviewer)
Reviewed on CLICK TO VIEW

Faith Magazine (Editor)
All 3 cuts are of the highest quality – Great stuff!
Coverage: Review in print confirmed.

Time Out (NY) (Reviewer)
Really beautiful and deep material on all three tracks. Way back indeed! Loving all of them, but especially ION. Coverage: Review in print confirmed.

Neville Watson (Clone / Midnight Steppers)
Of all the tracks I’ve listened to today, this release stands head and shoulders above all the others. From the drums to the judicious use of space and sounds. Top quality. (Editor)
Great release…Travlin is the one! Coverage: Review Confirmed.

Night Flight (Radio Fritz Berlin) (Germany)
ION – Norm Talley. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed
Issue/Link: 02-05-2012

Rtin Radio Teramo (Magma) (Germany)
Cool deep release! Will support.

New Groove (Proton Radio) (USA)
I like analog dreams. Thanks.

Mystic Vibes (WHCR 90.3 FM) (USA)
INSTANT classics. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Global Communication (Antena 3) (Portugal)
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 (Peru)
Travlin Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

Art of Beatz (Co-Op 102.7FM) (Canada)
Sickness across the board, what Detroit house should be. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

See One Radio (Brazil)
OWWW! Analog Dreams is Massive!!! Coverage: Feedback.

Propaganda (Brussels FM 98.8) (Belgium)
Great EP!! Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Ibiza Sonica
Travlin for my radio show. Thanks and good luck Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

House Nation Radio (Presenter)
Cool release with 3 good tracks !!! I will play them for sure. TOTAL SUPPORT !!!
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed

House Nation Radio (Producer)
We luv specialy Travlin, the other sounds are very good too.
Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.

Deep & Deeper (Tunnel FM) (Greece)
Outstanding EP, all tracks are of excellent quality, but that caught my attention was undoubtedly the “Travlin”.. massive trumpets! Full Support! Thx. Coverage: Radio Support Confirmed.